An Australian chaplain wearing the “Large Box Respirator” also known as the “Respiratory Tower”, World War I.

An Australian chaplain wearing the “Large Box Respirator” also known as the “Respiratory Tower”, World War I.

German stormtroops leaving their trenches, World War I.
18pdr field gun in Canadian service, 1918.
German soldier wearing a Stahlhelm (steel helmet), photo taken probably in 1916.

German soldier wearing a Stahlhelm (steel helmet), photo taken probably in 1916.

A railroad bridge near Riga, Latvia, demolished by Russians. German engineers built a makeshift walkway for the infantry, World War I.
Helmets of World War I.

Helmets of World War I.

Three unidentified New Zealand servicemen riding camels during World War I, the Sphinx and a pyramid in the background.
A large group of soldiers, likely South African infantry, having a good time. They are stamping their feet and brandishing anything that comes to hand, from walking sticks to swords. It is all being done in a light-hearted fashion, with most of the men pulling funny faces and smiling. Many of the soldiers are wearing kilts and balmorals. World War I.
A squad of Highlanders taking sandbags to the front, 1916. 

jasta11 said: Hey there. I've been following you for a long time and I saw your opinion about mixed races/cultures. Just wanted to know what is your opinion about Brazil, which happens to be a multiculturalized country, here where I live (South part of Brazil), there are most european imigrants (due to the climate), thus, my family happens to be part ukranian, german, italian and african. What is your opinion about this matter?


I hate to say it but I’m gonna be honest; I think Brazil is an absolute mess at the moment. The morals in Brazil are very very loose and many Brazilian men don’t know how to treat women and vice versa— there are a lot of affairs, a lot of sleeping around, and a lot of just very poor values. My uncle almost married a Brazilian woman… then she cheated on him with not one, not two, but THREE men. She then got pregnant with twins by one of them. My uncle also has a Brazilian friend who has so much sex and he literally hits on every woman he sees. He’s very open about it, too. Don’t get me wrong — he’s a very nice friend to my uncle and is always there for him, but he just has so much sex with so many different people and I find it really gross. 

Anyways, I don’t know if this has anything to do with multiculturalism, but I feel like it does because most of the time, multiculturalism leads to degeneration of society in almost all aspects. Just look at the United States. I’m an American and I can tell you personally that we’re no better. Same with Sweden.

I agree with you in some aspects . But many info people get about Brazil in some medias is totally not true, consider that we are a country with 200 million people, so if you see like 50 news about shit happening here, consider that most of the population has nothing to do with that.

I think that the matter about the morals of the country truly is a problem, but I think that what made the morals of my country become like that is the strong relativist moviment in here. Left-wing parties are VERY popular here, most of them with speeches that try attack the conservative, the family values and morals. This actually happens in a major scale, and if you expose your opinion against it people will call you a fascist and will sue you (it actually happened this year when  a candidate for the presidency said that he does not support gay marriage).
I just think that foreing people see Brazil as a big mess, as you said, but it is not what you think at all. Yes, we have some big problems, but the way people from outside here see us is sometimes very far from reallity. About the matter of your uncle’s friend and his ex-wife, I don’t think they acted like that just because they’re brazilian, I don’t know the context of that anyways (that’s what I think).